Our prestigious partner companies

Thanks to a collaboration of more than 30 years with its partners at the forefront of innovation, JV Ageniaa offers you industrial solutions based on the know-how and experience of European manufacturers.

Ageniaa chose König for his renowned expertise and its innovative capacity in: roll plants modular industrial solutions, dividing, rounding, shaping, rolling, stamping, graining, automatic removing, fermenting, cooking, cooling, robotics and bakery turnkey projects.
Ageniaa chose Comas, world leader in operations as varied as Pie line, depositor for filling application, co-extruding, injecting, demolding, automatization ovens, automation Robotics and biscuit-baking turnkey projects.
Ageniaa chose Tonelli, the mixing reference, for its powerful technology and its innovative spirit for solutions ranging from planetary mixers to the mixing aerating technology.
Ageniaa chose Tecnopool, renowned for its market spirals adapted to transferring, cooling, pasteurizing, fermenting, baking and freezing.
Ageniaa chose Colussi Ermes for its innovative washing equipments and its constant effort to reduce water, energy and chemical products consumptions.
GEA offers real expertise and solutions for all stages of the processing of bakery products, from the receipt of ingredients to their bulk handling, to the handling of liquids and sifts, control systems, Refrigeration and packaging services
Based on its more than 100 years of combined experience in the bakery sector, thanks to the redemption of Comas and Imaforni GEA offers cutting-edge equipment and complete production lines for cakes, pies, cookies, dry and fluffy biscuits, sponge cake , pastries, pizza, crackers, snacks and other bakery products. Our proprietary technologies and our ability to design complete lines make us a provider of integrated solutions, able to provide turnkey systems for a wide range of products.
Ageniaa chose Gasparin for its well-established know-how in slicing accuracy and packaging solutions, both meeting a wide range of production types.
Ageniaa chose Shuffle-Mix for its knowledge and its patented technology in the field of aerating mixing processes.