The High Quality JV Ageniaa



Our teams, resources and experience at your service
The tool of production determines the essential of the competitiveness of a company in terms of both quality and productivity. Improving its performance is a key issue, vital in the long term. It is therefore essential to modernize it regularly, to constantly monitor the relevance of settings and programs as well as to maintain its best level of performance by the use of perfectly adapted tools. To achieve these strategic objectives, JV AGENIAA is at your side. Our teams offer their expertise and experience. 
In addition, our Experts assist you during the testing of our equipment, when it is put into operation or during an audit.


Advice, machine tests and product developments
Finding the right equipment is a questioning step for any investor. This is why we offer you, in France or in Europe, our test laboratories as well as the advice of a technologist to accompany you in this phase of preliminary project. It is also possible to test at our partners, the realization of your product at the scale artisanal, SME or industrial.
A team of Master Baker and agri-food engineers will be able to accompany you in this step. Investing with certainty is a guarantee of serenity!


Major brands
We select leading partners ranging from pulverulent management to packaging, leavening manufacturing, kneading solutions, rolling, shaping, sinking, dosing, fermentation, baking, cooling:
Alimec, Canol, Diosna, Gasparin, Glimek, Hasborg, Henkovac, König, Sandore, Seydelmann, Sveba Dahlen, Technosilos, Tecnopool, Tonelli, Variovac, Vemag et Wachtel.


Major brands
Our used machines come exclusively from our manufacturers and customers. We thus have a perfect knowledge of their history. They benefit from CE standards, a review and a factory guarantee. We voluntarily exclude any second-hand trading machines. Our opportunities represent rare and excellent opportunities: to seize!


Risk-free investment
Investment in a well-adapted production tool is of paramount strategic importance. JV AGENIAA offers the rental of the equipment you need according to flexible and personalized formulas.
The duration can vary from a few weeks to several years. Thus, in the context of extremely advantageous financial conditions, you will be able to cope with extra work, a breakdown of equipment or an unforeseen but indispensable investment.


Customized solutions and turn-key projects
Our many years of experience and our team of engineers present you with tailor-made, state-of-the-art solutions with turnkey projects tailored to your needs. We respond to your individual requests and offer you an all-inclusive package tailored to your wishes: from planning to installation, including training and subsequent maintenance.
Managing a project through these key steps is a consistent way to anticipate barriers and share successes.


Quality at very competitive prices
The quality of the consumables directly and strongly impacts your yields and the quality of your products. The sharp edge of a knife or blade, its holding in time, are an excellent illustration. Because the cheapest is not always the most profitable, we have selected the best products and offer them to you at the best price. Optimize your productions!


On-site and remote experts
Our technicians visit our various partners on a regular basis to learn new techniques and improve their knowledge. Bilingual, they are in daily contact with them. They have perfect mastery of our materials, both for the technique and for the application. With professionalism and dedication, they are at your disposal for any intervention, preventive, curative, or troubleshooting/telephone advice.
Living with the times means living with technological changes! This is why our teams have the opportunity to accompany you remotely and step by step, by assisting you via speech but also in images, during your technical problems, using video conference applications.


Builders and traders
When developing our equipment, our engineers rigorously designed and selected the components. To maintain the performance as well as a safe and optimal operating state of your machines, it is essential to ensure their maintenance with original spare parts. We keep them at your disposal, usually within 48 hours or even 24 hours for an Express shipment.
True to its goal of being the true partner of its clients, JV AGENIAA offers you the expertise and advice of its specialists. This will help you make the most of your investment, for the benefit of your business.


A teaching of specialists
As part of the installation of our equipment, we propose to support your operational and technical teams in order to have greater control in the use of your production tools.
Thanks to our Training Centre Label, we also offer training sessions to strengthen and/or improve the machine or product skills of your teams.